Sadiq was born and lives in London and has visited over 120 countries. He is a thought leader on the Travel Industry & Career/Self Development

    Sadiq is a Senior Advisor for travel at Attestor Capital, where he is Chairman of the Advisory Board for Condor, the second airline of Germany. He sits on the board of eTraveli, an online travel agency owned by CVC Partners, the World Economic Forum's Global Future Council for Travel and is a Trustee of Stonewall. Sadiq is also an Executive Coach founded in the work of Carl Jung. He started an MBA course at Stanford on the Travel & Airline industry and is the subject of a case study in Jeffrey Pfeffer's class "Paths to Power".

    He previously headed up the in-house consulting division of Emirates and spent 7 years with Lufthansa, where he was Chief Strategy & Innovation officer, reporting to the CEO. He began his career with Bain & Co. and was a partner at Seabury, a boutique airline consulting firm. He completed his MBA at Harvard Business School and holds a BA and MPhil in Management Studies from Cambridge University. He was included in FT Top 100 OUTstanding leaders list, Capital Magazine's Top 40 under 40 the World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders.


  • Art of Disciplined Opportunism

    ✔ Developing a purpose driven career

    ✔ Understanding power dynamics

    ✔Gaining skills to accelerate your career

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    Next Step for Airlines




    Executive coaching applying the works of Carl Jung and Jeffrey Pfeffer

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    Personality Training

    • Understand personality types using Jungian Typology/ Myers-Briggs

    • Strengthen functions (e.g. intuition)

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    Unconscious Awareness

    • Discover complexes, projections & automatic behaviour

    • Apply unconscious tools like dream analysis

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    Career Development

    • Navigate corporate power dynamics

    • Build personal brand and career portfolio

    • Apply consulting toolkit